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Wireworld Series7

นวัตกรรมสายสัญญาณล่าสุด และดีที่สุด โดย David Salz กับ Series7

The latest and greatest cable innovations by David Salz are now available. Check out our Series 7 promotional brochure here:

We love the enhanced dynamics and new aesthetics of Series 7, and look forward to hearing from you once you’ve had a chance to check them out for yourselves.

WireWorld USB 3.0

WireWorld has announced what could be the first high-end cable in the USB 3.0 format. The Starlight USB 3.0 SuperSpeed cable is a flat and highly flexible cable that utilizes proprietary conductor geometry and upgrade materials to improve sound quality. To increase transmission speed and reduce jitter, Starlight’s Symmetricon® design utilizes twelve signal conductors in place of the nine conductors used in other USB 3.0 cables. The cable’s oversized conductors are made of silver-clad oxygen-free copper, providing increased efficiency and natural tone quality.
Another exclusive feature of the cable is an isolated power conductor for quieter power that improves signal purity.