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With more than 20 years, Laser Definition is Thailand’s first and leading Custom Electronic Home Designer since 1988 with installation and service systems
Electronice Lighting Control
Home Theater
Whole House Audio / Video
Home Automation
Laser Definition is Thailand 1st Home Electronic Designer with an installation service since 1988. We specialize in creation unique living environment by integration the latest digital technologies to control every aspect in the house.

– Mirage
– SpeakerCraft
– Atlantic Technology
– TruAudio

– SIM2

– Lutron

– SpeakerCraft
– Xantech

Automation Remote
– Universal Remote
– Xantech Remote

-Wireworld cable

Electronic Lifestyles 2009

” With several years’ experience as electronic systems contractor, the husband and wife team cites their ability to combine suitable electronics with superior sales and engineering abilities as their main strength. They are also in constant communication with all involved at all of the different stages of the project. ”

Post Today 2552 from Special Column, Black Sheep By Khun Prasert Eamrungroj

” Laser Definition is special and different from other companies in the same business because they are not doing the business as a trader. On the other hand they look at themselves as a ‘Solution Provider’ who builds Home Entertainment to respond each customer’s need. ”

Property Report Thailand September 2009

” A key component of Laser Definition’s success, says, Chalailak, has been its high standard of service and its ability to transform the dreams and wishes of its customers into reality. ”

Tropical Living in Thailand 2008

Laser Definition is Thailand’s leading custom electronics and home theater designer. With more than 20 years experience it has an impressive record installing tailor made residential electronic networks for homeowners, both in Bangkok and throughout the kingdom of Thailand. ”

Audio Video Interiors: On Golden Pond 1999

In Thailand, ancient arts and Asian sensibilities coincide with an unsurpassed world of audio/video entertainment. Just ask the proprietors of Laser Definition, a Bangkok based audio/video installation firm. ” All the players involved in this unusual installation are proud to say the home theater and billiards pavilion exceeded everybody’s expectation. ”

Audio Video Interior: Thai Style 1999

According to Raymond Eaton, another pair of talented professionals also gets credit for enhancing his dream house. ” I selected Laser Definition here in Bangkok to do my home theater. Mr. Krisda Chatikavanij and Chalailak have an excellent reputation and the range of products that they sell is of the highest quality. ”

Sterophile Guide to Home Theater: November 1998

” I visited the Laser Definition custom audio/video showroom and a home theater they had designed and installed in Bangkok. I had been introduced to Krisda and Chalailak Chatikavanij, the proprietors of Laser Definition, at the 1997 Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) Expo in Atlanta. This delightful couple was quick to embrace home theater… ”


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